DV-2022 Application Form.

DV-2022 Application Form will be available from 07th October 2020 till 10th November 2020 in the American Government’s official Diversity Visa website.
On the other days the website will be kept close and no entries will be accepted other than above mentioned for the Fiscal year draw. Also if lot of people are trying to access the application form page, it will display white page only.

DV-2022 Application Form Submission.

  • You will have to fill and submit the form with the digital photo file within 60 minutes of time after downloading it. If can’t fill it within the given time period get a new  E-DV application form.
  • Digital photo file must be less than 6 months old. Don’t use the same photo that was used in DV2021 draw.
  • The form should filled in with English alphabets only. Other alphabets like Scandinavian should not be used.
  • Date of birth should given in Gregorian calendar, American style 7th October 2020 (10/07/2020) Don’t include Date of birth with Ethiopian calendar, Nepal (Vikram Samvat) calendar, Iran and Afghanistan – Hijri calendar will not be accepted. So don’t use them.
  • Only select one option for “what is your highest level of education”
  • Must include your spouse and children with their individual digital photo file, even if the child was born today.
  • If you hide your spouse or any child in the application form, your entry will be disqualified in the later stage, if selected as a winner.
  • Complete your entry and submit it to the system.
  • The form will be shown to you back, if there are any fields to be filled they will mark it with red color or if you find any error use the special button to correct the form. Don’t use the browser’s back button.
  • If everything is correct submit the button. A success page will be displayed with your Confirmation Number starting with 2022. Get a printout or write down it. Confirmation Number is required to check your DV Selection results in the coming year 2020.

    Don’t see your confirmation Number?

  • If you don’t see your confirmation number in the success page, your entry is not included for the draw. So start the process from the beginning.
  • A person can submit only one entry for this draw. If husband and wife are eligible, they can submit one entry each for the whole family. Thus a qualified husband as primary applicant(1) and qualified wife primary applicant(1) can submit two entries for their family.  If both of them are selected as winners, the one with less qualification must withdraw from further processing with the selection.
  • If primary applicant is deceased, dependents can’t benefit from the winning.

DV-2022 Application Form