Case Numbers DV2022

Case Numbers DV2022 that are going to be called for Interview in this year. DV-2022 winners who are selected as winners in this draw will be called for visa processing from 1st of October 2021. Also the out come of the visa processing can’t be complained or challenged by the winner if he losses it at the time of the visa processing. Any how the visa processing fee for the winner and each of his dependents is non-refundable fee of US$ 330. In the meantime it should be paid ONLY to the US consular office on the date of their visa interview. Never send money by Bank or post to get American Diversity Visa.

There are two kinds of DV winners.
1. DV Winners who are staying in the USA legally.
2. DV Winners staying out side of the USA.
They must use their winning of the DV-2022 before to the end of the program on 30th September 2022. You can’t use this winning after this date as it becomes null on this date.

DV2021 winners who are staying outside of the USA. 
Must use this visa application form. ( Here.
Diversity Visa Program Step by step guide.
I-134, Affidavit of Support for USA DV Winner. (For both USA and out side winners.)

DV Winners who are staying in the USA.

In addition they must use the Visa Bulletin to find out when their case number is going to be current by using the Visa Bulletin page. When it is current in the coming month they must submit their application form to the USCIS office to Adjustments of Status through form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. it is necessary for them to have enough funds to survive in the USA. Other wise they must provide petitioner (Sponsor) to get their Green cards to live permanently in the USA.

Case numbers below these will be called  for Interview in October 2021
Africa: 2,675  (Except: Egypt: 1,850)
Asia: 1,400 (Except: Iran: 800, Nepal: 900)
Europe: 2,300
North America (Bahamas): 3
Oceania: 190
South America, and the Caribbean: 275

Case numbers for Interview in November 2021.
Africa: 5,300  (Except: Egypt: 3,000)
Asia: 2,700 ( Except: Iran: 1,450, Nepal: 1,700)
Europe: 5,300
North America (Bahamas): 4
Oceania: 375
South America, and the Caribbean: 500

DV-2022 Results.

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  1. I am continuingly pursuing DV green card lottery, but Pakistan Nationals are never been given opportunity to apply. Why?

    1. Because those countries that had sent 50,000 people within the last 5 years are not eligible to participate. Pakistan, India, China and many others are falling in the list.

    1. Check in the “Visa Bulletin” page for your case number to be current.
      Also check in the page where you filled your Visa Application after winning the DV lottery.

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