DV2021 Results for American Visa Draw.

dv2021 results

DV2021 Results.

DV2021 American visa lottery is now available to check your selection results. The State Department through KCC had made arrangements to all the eligible participants to check their results. So all the participants must have their confirmation number starting with 2021 in their possession. In Addition it must have a total of 16 digits in it.

Visa Interview Under DV-2021 Draw.

Visa interviews for the selected winners of DV2021 has already started on 01st of October 2020. The processing will continue till 30th September 2021.
But most probably these visas used to exhaust before the deadline date.
So never try to submit a re-schedule application instead attend the visa interview early on the given date. Lowest numbers will be called for the interviews and lot of winners will not be called for the interviews. As the visas used to exhaust early. USA Immigration visa processing fee is US$330 per person including dependents.

DV2021 Results Guide.

Where to check the results?
In the official website of the American Government;s DV Program.
When to check the Results?
In the year 2020, in the month of JUNE (05th June 2020)
How long the website will be kept open?
Around 365 days from the day it was opened.
How many times do I have to check the results?
Once is  enough. But don’t throw away the confirmation number after checking the results. Also if you like you can check the results  100 times.

Do I have to pay any money to check the results?
No it is provided as a free service.
Will I get selection notification by postal mail.
No way. The dv results will not be sent through postal mail, email or through phone calls.
Where can I get the selected peoples’ details or photos?
It is not available anywhere.
Will the US Embassy assist me to check my results.
No they will not assist you.s,

I had lost my DV-2021 American Diversity Visa Draw’s confirmation number. How to recover it? In the website there is a path to recover your lost confirmation number. You will have to feed the correct personal details to recover the confirmation number.
My confirmation number is not working in the website. What I have to do?
See whether it got 2022 in the front. Does it contains 16 digits?
If not you have to recover it from the system
Can a friend of mine is allowed to check the DV Results in the website?
Yes if you provide the confirmation number and your personal details they can check it for you.

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Where to check DV2021 Results? Here.