Petitioner DV-2022

Petitioner DV-2022.

Petitioner DV-2022

Petitioner DV-2022 is an important part for those selected winners, if they are not rich peoples. For a selected DV Winner at the interview, the American Government will issue  visa, only if he got enough funds to survive there. Otherwise he must provide one or more petitioners (Sponsors) to support him. Or must prove that he is having a job offer on arrival. This procedure will apply for the DV-2023 winners too in the coming years.

Petitioner must provide her/his income details and must sign the Affidavit of support form I-134.  This should be provided at the time of the interview at the consular office. Or should be provided to the USCIS office when submitting the documents for Adjustment of Status as a winner under the DV Lottery.

Winners staying in the USA must proof of sponsor person support through form I-864 (Affidavit of support). Meanwhile some countries too ask for this form at the winner’s interview in their countries.

Most of the petitioners staying in the USA don’t like to display their income details to the DV winner. Instead they want to provide it directly to the interviewing consular officer. Some of them agree to provide their support but at the last minute, they simply ignore the request. So if you don’t have enough fund to survive in the USA, arrange some more petitioners.

Do you need an immigrant lawyer to process this petitioner problem?
No you can do it by yourself, if you have good knowledge of English language. All the details are available in the USCIS website.

When you had been called for the Visa Processing and don’t have the petitioner (He should be a US Citizen or USA LPR Holder) don’t reschedule your visa Interview. Go for it and  you will provided it as soon as it arrives.

If you reschedule your visa Interview, (Some country consular offices don’t allow it) some time you may not get a chance to attend the interview as the visas may exhaust.

Winner staying in the USA.
Steps for Adjustment of Status. First Form I-485
Petitioner Form I-864

Petitioner for winner staying out side of the USA I-134

DV-2023 Apply Online.

Case Numbers DV2022

Case Numbers DV2022

Case Numbers DV2022 that are being called for Interviews starting this year. DV-2022 winners are called for visa processing from 1st of October 2021 in their case number order. In addition the out come of the visa processing can’t be complained against or challenged by the winner, if he losses it at the time of the visa processing.

Any how, this visa processing fee for the winner and each of his dependents is non-refundable fee of US$ 330. In the meantime it should be paid ONLY to the US consular office on the date of their visa interview. Never send money by Bank or post to get American Diversity Visa.

American DV Visa Payments.

Never send money through bank, Cash through Post, or through money transfer methods to get American Visas. If you are a winner pay only to the American Consular Office when you are attending for the Visa interview.

There are two kinds of DV winners.
1. DV Winners who are staying in the USA legally.
2. DV Winners staying out side of the USA.
They must use their winning of the DV-2022 before to the end of the program on 30th September 2022. You can’t use this winning after this date as it becomes null on this date.

DV2021 winners who are staying outside of the USA. 
Must use this visa application form. ( Here.
Diversity Visa Program Step by step guide.
I-134, Affidavit of Support for USA DV Winner. (For both USA and out side winners.)

DV Lottery Winner Interview Letter.

DV Winner Interview Letter will be available in “” website.
(The place you applied for the USA visa, after being selected as winner.)

DV Winners who are staying in the USA.

In addition they must use the Visa Bulletin to find out when their case number is going to be current by using the Visa Bulletin page. Moreover, when it is going to be current in the coming month, they must submit their application form to the USCIS office for Adjustments of Status. Use form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.  In addition, it is necessary for them to have enough funds to survive in the USA. Otherwise they must provide petitioner (Sponsor) to get their Green cards to live permanently in the USA.

Case Number of DV Program.

In addition, case numbers below these numbers will be called  for Interview.

Case numbers for Interview in the month of March 2022.
Africa: 21,000, Except: Egypt 11,000
Asia: 8,300, Except: Iran 6,000 and Nepal 4,200
Europe: 13,500
North America(Bahamas): 8
Oceania: 850
South America and the Caribbean: 1,200

Case numbers for Interview in the month of February 2022.
Africa: 20,000, Except: Egypt 11,000
Asia: 8,000, Except: Iran 6,000 and Nepal 4,200
Europe: 13,000
North America(Bahamas): 8
Oceania: 850
South America and the Caribbean: 1,200

Case numbers for Interview in the month of January 2022.

Africa: 13,500, Except Egypt: 8,000
Asia: 6,000 Except Iran: 4,000, Nepal: 3,200
Europe: 10,000
North America(Bahamas): 6
Oceania: 650
South America and the Caribbean: 900

Case numbers for Interview in the month of December 2021.
Africa: 7,000, Except: Egypt: 4,700
Asia: 4,000, Except: Iran: 2,150, Nepal: 2,200
Europe: 7,300
North America(Bahamas): 5
Oceania: 450
South America and the Caribbean: 625.

Case numbers for Interview in the month of November 2021.
Africa: 5,300  (Except: Egypt: 3,000)
Asia: 2,700 ( Except: Iran: 1,450, Nepal: 1,700)
Europe: 5,300
North America (Bahamas): 4
Oceania: 375
South America, and the Caribbean: 500

Case numbers for Interview in the month of October 2021.
Above all here the case numbers.
Africa: 2,675  (Except: Egypt: 1,850)
Asia: 1,400 (Except: Iran: 800, Nepal: 900)
Europe: 2,300
North America (Bahamas): 3
Oceania: 190
In addition South America, and the Caribbean: 275

In addition you have to check your Visa Interview letters only in the CEAC website only. Therefore keep checking in that website for your Interview letter.
Interview letters will NOT be sent through other means to you.

DV-2022 Results.

DV 2022 American Visa Draw Program.

You will get it oDiversity Visa Lottery DV-2022

DV 2022 is now accepting entries in this year 2020 for the fiscal year 2022 draw. here are 50,000 American Immigrant visas available under this draw.
A computer will select the winners from the online submitted entries. DV Winners will be allowed to apply for the USA Immigrant visa.  They will have to pay US$330 as non refundable visa fees on the day of their visa interview.
Check here.

When DV-2022 will start?
Noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), Wednesday, October 7, 2020.
When it will close?
Noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), Tuesday, November 10, 2020.
Meanwhile the DV-2022 program will close officially on 30th September 2022.  Before this date the Embassies will issue 50,000 visas and LPR status change for the winners in the USA after checking their eligibility at their interviews.

DV 2022 Eligibility.

To participate in this dv 2022 draw your birth should had happened in an eligible country, you should have High School Degree or accepted work experience. The draw is free to apply.


However DV-2022 is the name for the Official American Diversity Visa name selection . In addition this free to participate computer name selection draw will entirely will be held through the Internet. Participants are expected to have their own email,  International passport and eligibility to submit one entry in to this draw. There are 50,000 Immigrant visas and they will be issued under this FY2022 computer name selection draw. The draw had provided DV Application forms in the year 2020 and did  accepted the duly filled entries within one hour after providing the entry form.

DV Photo
It is a requirement for the applicant to upload one digital photo file of her/his along with the E-DV entry form. And it should meet all the requiremwnts that are placed in the DV2022 Instructions. Married person must include all the children under 21 and unmarried in their birth order along with thir digital photo file and the spouse details and digital photo file.

In other words, if both the husband wife meet the eligibility requirements and have valid International passports they both can submit one entry each. In addition they must include their spouse and all the eligible children in the E-DV entry form. Similarly this draw don’t accept polygamy marriage partners in the draw.

DV2022 Confirmation Number.

In addition, the DV2022 confirmation number will be displayed in the computer screen. It will be displayed once the duly filled application is accepted  by the system for the draw. Even if the confirmation number is lost, you can recover it from the system. Above all the applicants must make a record of this confirmation number. The confirmation number will start with 2022 and will contain 16 alpha numeric digits. This will allow you to check selection results online.  Furthermore here will be no individual selection announcement for the participants.


DV-2021 Results.


DV-2022 Results

DV-2022 Results

DV-2022 Results.

DV-2022 Results are  now available in the American Government’s Official website. This results checking facility was opened  on 08th May 2021 and it will be kept open by the KCC till the month of September 2022, 30th September 2022 is the closing date for this diversity visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2022 program.

DV-2023 Results.

DV-2023 American Diversity Visa Draw Program Selection results will be available in this year 2022.  The Official DV Website of the American Government will be used for to check the results online. The selection results will be shown as “not selected” or as a winner with the letter that will have the winner’s case number. Postal mail, Email or phone calls will not be used to announce the winner. DV2023 participants must fill their provided  “Confirmation Number” along with their personal details to view the selection results online.

So phones too will not be used by the American Government to announce the selected Green Card program winners. According to the KCC, all the participants must visit to the official DV website and must feed their DV2022 confirmation number (In Africa, people use to call this confirmation number as Ticket) along with their personal information. The results will be displayed whether the person is selected as winner or not.

Checking your results.
One time checking is enough.
There is no problem for multiple time checking.
Check it once again in the month of August once again.

Don’t Throw away your DV2022 Confirmation Code.
In addition even if you are not selected for the draw keep your confirmation number till to the end of September 2022. Some time there may be a small number of Winner selection may happen.

DV-2022 Winners.

If selected as winner in the Green Card draw, you will be shown with a winning letter in the computer screen. Get a printout of this winning letter as you will have to provide this at the time of your visa interview or the winners in the USA when they want to change their current status in the USA to US Immigrant status (Green Card holder). If you are selected as a winner for the DV2022 program read the DV2022 Instructions once again. Those participants who are not selected can wait for the DV-2023 to participate.  If they are eligible at the time to participate.

USA DV2022 Winner Processing. Visit Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) 
Additionally Winners Staying in the USA. Submit for to change to American LPR status.
Step one read.

Step two submit. I-693

DV-2022 Results From Agent.

Additionally did your agent say that you are a winner?
Ask him to show the results by going and checking in the official website in front of you.
In addition, if your case number is very high you may not be called for the interview.
Further more don’t believe the results that are shown to you  in printouts.
And in contrast don’t trust emails and phone calls that used to claim that you are selected as a winner.

Above all winners will be called for the interviews from 01st of October 2021.   This will be carried out according to their case numbers.  Lowest case numbers will be called first and it will follow in order. Any how the draw will be closed on 30th September 2022. In addition after this date all the winning will go null after this date. Where to check the Diversity Visa Draw Results? Here.

In addition don’t try to contact your US Embassy or KCC for to get the dv2022 winners list as they don’t have it. Only way to get your Results is to check it through the Official DV website with your dv2022 Confirmation number.

Overall, if you need assistance in checking your 2022 DV Results, write to or use the comment box in this page.


DV-2022 Eligible Countries.

DV-2022 Eligible Countries.

DV-2022 American Visa draw did allowed the people who were born in eligible countries. In other words Diversity Visa Program doesn’t offer opportunity for persons who are from “high admission” countries. As per the  “high admission countries” means from which a total of 50,000 persons in the Family-Sponsored and Employment-Based visa categories had immigrated to the United States during the last 5 years period.

DV-2023 Eligible Country List.

DV-2023 Instructions with the eligible country list was published in September 2021.  If interested in this eligible country list, look for the DV2023 Instructions. It has been  published through the internet too. In the mean time, published DV-2023 Instructions contains the same list countries as of the DV-2022 ineligible country list.  In addition, Nigeria and Bangladesh born people were not allowed to participate in this year too.

DV-2022 Eligible Countries.

Eligible Countries for the dv- 2022 Draw.

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR). Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India. Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea. United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

In addition the USCIS office used to makes this calculation annually. The list of countries whose natives are eligible or not eligible may change from one year to the next. Further more KCC will look after the submission, selection and communication under this Visa draw. KCC will not communicate with the people who are not selected as winners in the DV program.

Persons born in Macau SAR and Taiwan are eligible.

Honduras and Hong Kong SAR are included in the ineligible country list. American Government had made special calculation and took out these two countries as not allowed to submit their E-DV entries to the FY2022.

In addition, Nigeria is the only country from Africa that is marked as not eligible country. Nigeria and Bangladesh people were looking for the DV-2022 DV Lottery instructions. The DV Lottery instructions provides the eligible and NOT eligible country list.

Take note that the not eligible country people can see whether they meet some other ways mentioned in the DV Lottery instructions.

What happens when a not eligible born country try to apply?
In the meantime if a person who is not eligible to participate due to his birth county try to apply by downloading the ED-V Entry form, he will get the form. Once he fills his names and birth details he goes further more in the form. When want to select her/his birth country. He has to press the drop down menu with the country names.  In the drop down menu,  he won’t find his birth country. Actually in the country list his birth country will not be available. Because it is a country that is not eligible to participate. So he got to leave the page at that point as there is no further way to go ahead with the filling of the DV Application online.

Current DV Instructions.

Sample DV Photo.

DV2022 Instructions

DV2022 Instructions will guide you on all the aspects of the FY 2022 American Green card Lottery. There are lot of translations may be available.  But it is clear that the one in English is the original and valid one. In addition, read what the Instructions says “The English language version of the DV-2022 Program Instructions is the only official version. Unofficial translations in additional languages will be added in this webpage as they become available.”

DV-2023 Instructions here.

Following country born people are not allowed to participate in this DV-2022 and the DV-2023 draws.  Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

For the purposes of eligibility some countries include dependent areas in overseas. If you are a native of an overseas territory, select the applicable country of eligibility. Natives of Macau S.A.R should select Portugal, and natives of Martinique should select France.

Please read the instructions as there are other options to be eligible even if your birth happened in a not allowed county. Eligible country list is assessed by the US State department. This is  by calculating their immigration pattern for the last 5 years. If any country had sent more than 50,000 people within the last 5 years, that country born people will not be allowed to participate in this Green card Lottery draw.

DV2022 Instructions

DV2022 Instructions content.


DV-2022 program.

DV Photo Instructions.