DV-2022 Results

DV-2022 Results

DV-2022 Results.

DV-2022 Results are  now available in the American Government’s Official website. This results checking facility was opened  on 08th May 2021 and it will be kept open by the KCC till the month of September 2022, 30th September 2022 is the closing date for this diversity visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2022 program.

DV-2023 Results.

DV-2023 American Diversity Visa Draw Program Selection results are expected to be  available in this month of May 2022.  The Official DV Website of the American Government will allow the participants  to check their selection results online. Results will be shown as “not selected” or as a winner with the congratulation letter that will have the winner’s details with her/his case number. Postal mail, Email or phone calls will not be used to announce the winner. DV2023 participants must fill their provided  “Confirmation Number” along with their personal details to view the selection results online. DV Applicants staying in American can visit the local libraries to get help in checking their DV-2023 selection results online.

Don’t be hurry to check your DV2023 results in the website. You may not see the website as millions of people are trying to access it. Be calm and check it tomorrow. Good Luck to you.

So phone calls too will not be used by the American Government to announce the selected Green Card program winners. According to the KCC, all the participants must visit to the official DV website and must feed their DV2022 confirmation number (In Africa, people use to call this confirmation number as Ticket) along with their personal information. The results will be displayed whether the person is selected as winner or not.

Checking your results.
One time checking is enough.
There is no problem for multiple time checking.
Check it once again in the month of August, as there may be small number of selection may occur.

Don’t Throw away your DV2022 Confirmation Code.
In addition even if you are not selected for the draw keep your confirmation number till to the end of September 2022. Some time there may be a small number of Winner selection may happen.

DV-2022 Winners.

If selected as winner in the Green Card draw, you will be shown with a winning letter in the computer screen. Get a printout of this winning letter as you will have to provide this at the time of your visa interview or the winners in the USA when they want to change their current status in the USA to US Immigrant status (Green Card holder). If you are selected as a winner for the DV2022 program read the DV2022 Instructions once again. Those participants who are not selected can wait for the DV-2023 to participate.  If they are eligible at the time to participate.

USA DV2022 Winner Processing. Visit Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) 
Additionally Winners Staying in the USA. Submit for to change to American LPR status.
Step one read.

Step two submit. I-693

DV-2022 Results From Agent.

Additionally did your agent say that you are a winner?
Ask him to show the results by going and checking in the official website in front of you.
In addition, if your case number is very high you may not be called for the interview.
Further more don’t believe the results that are shown to you  in printouts.
And in contrast don’t trust emails and phone calls that used to claim that you are selected as a winner.

Above all winners will be called for the interviews from 01st of October 2021.   This will be carried out according to their case numbers.  Lowest case numbers will be called first and it will follow in order. Any how the draw will be closed on 30th September 2022. In addition after this date all the winning will go null after this date. Where to check the Diversity Visa Draw Results? Here.

In addition don’t try to contact your US Embassy or KCC for to get the dv2022 or dv2023 winners list as they don’t have it. Only way to get your Results is to check it through the Official DV website with your dv2022 or dv2023 Confirmation number. Also it is necessary to provide the participants personal details in that online form.

Overall, if you need assistance in checking your 2022 or 2023 DV Results, write to bbsnetting@yahoo.com or use the comment box in this page.