DV 2022 American Visa Draw Program.

You will get it oDiversity Visa Lottery DV-2022

DV 2022 is now accepting entries in this year 2020 for the fiscal year 2022 draw. here are 50,000 American Immigrant visas available under this draw.
A computer will select the winners from the online submitted entries. DV Winners will be allowed to apply for the USA Immigrant visa.  They will have to pay US$330 as non refundable visa fees on the day of their visa interview.
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When DV-2022 will start?
Noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), Wednesday, October 7, 2020.
When it will close?
Noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), Tuesday, November 10, 2020.
Meanwhile the DV-2022 program will close officially on 30th September 2022.  Before this date the Embassies will issue 50,000 visas and LPR status change for the winners in the USA after checking their eligibility at their interviews.

DV 2022 Eligibility.

To participate in this dv 2022 draw your birth should had happened in an eligible country, you should have High School Degree or accepted work experience. The draw is free to apply.


However DV-2022 is the name for the Official American Diversity Visa name selection . In addition this free to participate computer name selection draw will entirely will be held through the Internet. Participants are expected to have their own email,  International passport and eligibility to submit one entry in to this draw. There are 50,000 Immigrant visas and they will be issued under this FY2022 computer name selection draw. The draw had provided DV Application forms in the year 2020 and did  accepted the duly filled entries within one hour after providing the entry form.

DV Photo
It is a requirement for the applicant to upload one digital photo file of her/his along with the E-DV entry form. And it should meet all the requiremwnts that are placed in the DV2022 Instructions. Married person must include all the children under 21 and unmarried in their birth order along with thir digital photo file and the spouse details and digital photo file.

In other words, if both the husband wife meet the eligibility requirements and have valid International passports they both can submit one entry each. In addition they must include their spouse and all the eligible children in the E-DV entry form. Similarly this draw don’t accept polygamy marriage partners in the draw.

DV2022 Confirmation Number.

In addition, the DV2022 confirmation number will be displayed in the computer screen. It will be displayed once the duly filled application is accepted  by the system for the draw. Even if the confirmation number is lost, you can recover it from the system. Above all the applicants must make a record of this confirmation number. The confirmation number will start with 2022 and will contain 16 alpha numeric digits. This will allow you to check selection results online.  Furthermore here will be no individual selection announcement for the participants.


DV-2021 Results.


64 Replies to “DV 2022 American Visa Draw Program.”

  1. I registered for the 2021 dv lottery and excluded my three children, but I swear before man and God that I didn’t know the rules and regulations regarding this program. What should I do now?How can I correct this mistake I made?

    1. Sorry, you made a big blunder.
      If selected as winner don’t proceed with the winning as you may lose lot of money as visa processing fee. It can’r e corrected or forgiven.

  2. I have a friend in Sierra LEONE. she would like to apply to the dvlottery to attend nursing school in Washington, DC. However she has problems trying to apply online from there. If I have all her required information could I apply online for her here in the U.S ?

    1. Yes. Only one application from any where can be submitted.
      Need a new digital photo file taken within last 6 months.
      Her International passport details is required along with the persons personal details.
      Good Luck.

  3. Would we be eligible to participate for the lottery if we only meet the education criteria but belonging to country excluded like India ?

  4. 2022 US, IAm interested and us green card lottery I ‘m Applied now please accept my request, My name, Mohammed Mobin, Father. Mohammad Sadir miah, passport no BQ0446692, Date of birth 3may 1982,national ID no 5957461758,from Bangladesh, dist comilla, Thana Titas, p.o Narandia, villages Sonakanda, Contact no 008801792386713

  5. if my mother and brother (33ys )want to apply ,they should apply each in his application not in one application ,thanks

  6. j ai participe au dv 2021 mais quand je verifie le serveur me dit qu il y a une erreur sur mon numero de confirmation pourtant ce n est pas le cas comment puis je rectifier ce probleme s il vous plait ?

  7. buen dia. somos una familia yo argentino 60 años, profesional estudios terciarios superiores, de buen ingreso mensual, mi mujer conyuje 36 años brasilera y nuestra hija 6 meses argentina. les consulto si somos calificables y para que fechas estaria disponible la inscripcion en la loteria green card visa diversidad 2022. muchas gracias.

    1. You are allowed to participate with your wife and child, if you have successfully finished 12 years of Higher Education and Valid international passport. It will call by October.

  8. Hi, apologies for the inconveniences, can I please have the link to apply for the DV2022 Program is possible.

    And, may the following countries be eligible to apply please : Nigeria & Zambia?.

  9. can any one inform me when will be start dv lottery for 2020?
    please I appreciate if you tell me the right time of starting and last day for entrance for dv 2020

      1. Buenas noches, soy un Médico Especialista en Salud Ocupacional de 61 años de edad, resido en México y estoy pensionado por mi Gobierno y deseo residir legalmente en los Estados Unidos, por ser un país con una gran infraestructura, serían tan amable en indicarme si puedo aplicar para el Sorteo DV 2022?? Estaré al pendiente, buenas noches

  10. Hi, if i am born in a non-eligible country but i have the nationality of an eligible one can i apply for the DV-2022?
    Thank you

  11. hi, my name is EMMANUEL, I am from Rwanda, we are still waiting for your announcement about application day, Thank you.

  12. I started DV lottery registration since 2015 to 2019 but i never selected , and am asking is there any tricks behind it

  13. My name is Mohammedsalih Ismail Iyasu from Eritrea. My first question is :- I have 5 children from whom 4 are found with their mother in one of the refugee camps in eastern Sudan while the 5th is left in Eritrea and he can’t join at this time and his age is 22 years now can I add him in my application for the DV-2022?
    second question :- is there special back ground for the photo or we can use background?

    1. For DV-2022 American Diversity Visa program,
      You must include yours, wife’s photo and all the children who are under 21 years of age.
      Those children who are over 21 must apply seperately.
      The photo background must be in white and it can be a screen,wall or board without any design or pattern.
      You can crop it in the American website according to the required size.
      Good Luck.

  14. hi I am eritrean and am asylum seeker in United Kingdom I don’t have any document in my hand.
    can I apply dv2022?

    1. You can apply for the DV-2023.
      But if you are selected as a winner, you will need your original Birth certificate, Original High School Certificate to provide at the time of your interview.

  15. hi im stephanie and im a single mother my child is 13 im a congolese and since we came to south africa shes using her birth certificate she s born in congo and aclually it been two years now there is no congolese passport available so if i want to play what do i do coz e both dont have passport but i hav asylum seker and she have her bith cetificate

    1. You can use the UN document to apply.
      For the baby not necessary to have passport. Only write her birth place and country perfectly.

      1. hi im stephanie if i want to play the dv with with my 13 year old does she need to take a picture aswell or i can only do for me and includ her

  16. Hi, I am Khadija if i want to play DV with my 4 and 6 year old sons does they need to take a picture as well or i can only do for me and include him

    1. You must include your name details and photo,
      Your husband’s name details and photo
      Child one name details and photo
      Second Child’s name details and photo.

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