Petitioner DV-2022

Petitioner DV-2022.

Petitioner DV-2022

Petitioner DV-2022 is an important part for those selected winners, if they are not rich peoples. For a selected DV Winner at the interview, the American Government will issue  visa, only if he got enough funds to survive there. Otherwise he must provide one or more petitioners (Sponsors) to support him. Or must have enough funds and to prove that he is having a job offer on arrival in the USA. This procedure will apply for the DV-2023 winners too in the coming years.

CURRENT Status for Regions.

Case numbers for many regions are marked as “CURRENT”. This means that the allocated American Visas are finished. So no more case numbers will be published for these any more for these regions. If you are a DV-2022 selected winner, don’t give up your hope for the Interview.  Time to Time check the CEAC website for your interview letter. You can do this till the beginning of the month September 2022.

Who is Petitioner ?

Petitioner must provide her/his income details and must sign the Affidavit of support form I-134.  This should be provided at the time of the interview at the consular office. Or should be provided to the USCIS office when submitting the documents for Adjustment of Status as a winner under the DV Lottery.

Winners staying in the USA must proof of sponsor person support through form I-864 (Affidavit of support). Meanwhile some African country Consular Offices too ask for this form I-864 at the winner’s interview in their countries.

Most of the petitioners staying in the USA don’t like to display their income details to the DV winner. Instead they want to provide it directly to the interviewing consular officer. Some of them agree to provide their support but at the last minute, they simply ignore the request. So if you don’t have enough fund to survive in the USA, arrange some more petitioners.

Do you need an immigrant lawyer to process this petitioner problem?
No you can do it by yourself, if you have good knowledge of English language. All the details are available in the USCIS website.

When you had been called for the Visa Processing and don’t have the petitioner (He should be a US Citizen or USA LPR Holder) don’t reschedule your visa Interview. Go for it and  you will provided it as soon as it arrives.

If you reschedule your visa Interview, (Some country consular offices don’t allow it) some time you may not get a chance to attend the interview as the visas may exhaust.

Winner staying in the USA.
Steps for Adjustment of Status. First Form I-485

Petitioner Form I-864

Petitioner for winner staying out side of the USA I-134

USA Update on Public Charge. Here.

DV-2023 Apply Online.

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